IOT: Big Data & Analytics

IOT: Big Data & Analytics

Course Overview

In Connecting Things, students learn how to securely interconnect sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, single-board computers, and cloud services over IP networks to create an end-to-end IoT system


Students will develop the interdisciplinary skillsets required to prototype an IoT solution for a specific business case with a strong focus on the security considerations for emerging technologies.

Syllabus & Analytics Summary Description

  • Use Python to read data from sensors and store data in a SQL data base.
  • Use Python Data Analysis library to clean, manipulate, integrate data sets.
  • Use Python Visualization Libraries to visualize real-time data end explore acquired data sets.
  • Explain the fundamental principles of a modern scalable Big Data platforms like Hadoop.
  • Use storytelling to present the insights gained from extracted data.
  • Describe the various systems that support a typical data center
  • Explain how server virtualization consolidates idle resources, reduces cost and provide better services to the business
  • Explain how the Software Defined Networking (SDN) framework plays the key role in data center virtualization
  • Understand the steps of the Data Analysis Lifecycle and perform these tasks in 4 different labs using the Rapid Miner and R Studio data analytics tools


Any Graduate Diploma, B.Tech, MCA, B.SC. Students

DURATION: -   140 Hrs

COURSE FEE: -   Rs 12,000 /-


  • One-2-One Personalized Training
  • Expert Faculty Member Team
  • Hi-Tech Lab with all Modern facilities.
  • Well Designed Course Materials