Japanese Language Training Programme (JLTP)


The Elementary Level A1 course with stress on all the 4 faculties: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

  • By the end of Elementary level A1, the participant achieves a productive and receptive command of the Language.
  • You can make yourself understood in a number of simply structured everyday situations and write short, very simple messages also the most important information contained in short, simple texts which you hear or read in everyday life.
  • ELIGIBILITY CRIETERIA:       Basic knowledge in English.
  • Course Duration:                           120 hrs.
  • Course Fee          :                          6000/-

Any further details Pl. contact: OCAC 0674-2567064 / 2567280 to Mr. Sanjay Sahani or send your queries to sanjay.sahani@ocac.in