Russian Language Training Programme

1. Year of Commencement:   March 2007

2. In association with:   The Institute of Russian Language, Kolkata.            

3. Course outline:


Basic level Skills

-        Reading

-        Using vocabulary

-        Using Russian internet and online vocabularies (optional)

-        Understanding of the main idea of oral speech

-        Pronunciations and oral speaking


List of Vocabularies

Numbers, Colors, Places, Professions, Transport, Animals, Environmental Objects, Activities, Pronouns, Adjectives.



-        Statements, Questions and Negative Sentences

-        Forms of Verb in Present, Past and Future Tense

-        Plural of Nouns

-        Forms of Nouns in different Cases



Greetings and introduction of yourself

Behavior in different situations:

-        Traveling  (bus, metro, railway, aircraft, address, finding way)

-        In the shop (food shop, supermarket, garment shop, medicine shop)

-        In the restaurant

Greetings, Thanks, Apologies, Refuses

Inter-culture :

Russian Culture, Russian Traditions, Etiquettes, Special Russian Habits, Russian Holidays, Movies, Songs and Literature

4. Others details:

o        Course fee: Rs3000/- plus exam fee of around Rs.500/- per course

o        Final evaluation test at Bhubaneswar 

o        Evaluation & certification

o        Highly experienced and trained instructors; Course Duration : 60 – 70 hours

o        Time: 6.30 am to 8.30 am (morning batch); 5.30  pm to 7.30  pm (evening batch)

o        3 days a week regular classes  

o        8 slots of 5 hours each: -role-play games
                                     - communicative games
                                     - movies and songs
                                     - excursions

o        Customized for Corporates / Institutes to meet specific requirements.

For further details pl. contact: OCAC at 0674-2580 151
or send your queries if any to