State Data Centre (SDC)

The National e-Governance Plan (NEGP) of Government of India has a clear focus on improving delivery of government services to citizens. Towards this end, it has identified several Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) to be implemented both at the Central and State levels, as also several other e-Governance services planned to be provided by the State governments to the citizens electronically. NEGP recognizes that creation of basic infrastructure by the States is essential and towards this end, State Wide Area Network (SWAN) and State Data Centre are proposed to be established in every State.

Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India (hereafter referred to as DIT) is the nodal department for Data Centre Mission Mode Project for implementation across the country (29 States and 6 Union Territories). The Data Centre Scheme therefore proposes to establish a Data Centre at each State preferably at the State capital for which Policy Guidelines to support the various States/UTs in the country to establish State Data Centres have been formulated.

The Guidelines entail Technical and Financial support to the States and various options that may be exercised by the States most/best suited to them as per the options given below –

Ø  Option I State sets up and owns the Data Centre including its management and operations.

Ø  Option II The State leverages the capabilities of existing IDCs for which different deployment models are available i.e. Co-located services, Dedicated Services and Managed Services.

Ø  Option III State may use existing Data Centre of NIC for hosting their applications.


                The Data Centre shall be able to provide the following:

  •     Various hosting options
  •     Standard technologies
  •     Guaranteed service levels
  •     High quality support, operation and monitoring of departments' applications
  •     Data and Application availability seven days a week twenty-four hours per day
  •     Centralized network management and operations capability
  •     Facility for centralized management of enterprise client/server systems
  •     Custom Security options, Multiple security levels
  •     Backup and Archival Services
  •     Comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan


Present Status in Odisha

                    The RFP for the selection of Data Centre Operator has been sent   to DIT,GoI for approval. Upon approval the tender will be floated.